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How Long Does it Take to Get My Plans?

  • If purchasing a stock plan with no changes, they will be mailed within three (3) to five (5) working days once payment has been received.

How Do I Order Plans?

  • You can order by phone, e-mail or by visiting our business office.

How Do I Pay for my Plans?

  • Orders made by phone or e-mail will be processed through PayPal. You can also pay by check but this takes a little longer because of the need to allow your check to process.

Can I Modify the Plans?

  • Yes. You will need to contact us and explain the changes you want. At that time we’ll give you an estimate of the time and costs you’ll incur to make these changes.

How Much Does it Cost to Have Modifications Done?

  • The cost for changes will vary depending on the modifications required. Each one is different and based on the time we’ll spend making these changes.

Can I Make Copies of These Plans?

  • No. All plans designed by Bonacorso & Associates are copyrighted. Making unauthorized copies of these plans will violate copyright laws.

What Is a Study Set?

  • A Study Set is used to view the plan in more detail. It includes the floor plan & four exterior elevations but not the roof, foundation, building sections or other details. A Study Set cannot be used for construction or reproduction.

What is Included in the Total Square Footage?

  • When we refer to the total square footage we’re talking about the total “under roof”. This includes your living area as well as garages, storages, porches, balconies and any other area that has a roof covering it. Living area is the perimeter of the finished heated and air conditioned space.

How much will my plans cost?

  • Prices vary by square footage, detail, and complexity of drawings.

Can I have an Address Where This Plan Has Been Built?

  • No. For privacy reasons, we cannot give out addresses of clients who have purchased our plans. We sometimes take photographs once the house is built and will be happy to provide you with a copy if available.

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